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Growing Stronger Through Change

Like the tree whose branches bend and sway in a storm rather than crack under pressure, we have the power to remain flexible and strong amid life’s challenges… to be resilient! Resilience is a transformative lever for growth and learning. As Oprah Winfrey says, “you go with what you know until you know better…”

Resilience is defined as the process of bouncing back and fully recovering in the face of change. Being resilient doesn’t mean a person won’t experience difficulty or stress. However, resilient individuals respond to stress in ways that help them not only recover, but grow and thrive.

In our personal or work life, we can be facing an overwhelming amount of pressure – both good and bad. Our brain can become overloaded so it’s important to recognize you’re doing the best you can. “Resilience is actually an acquired skill.” says clinical psychologist Meg Jay. “It is being able to adapt and respond positively to situations that life throws at you.”

Put on your “reality glasses”

The first step in coping with a situation is to put on your “reality glasses.” Reality glasses, a concept developed by Dr. Stephen Williams, an organizational psychologist from the U.K., are the glasses you use to look at and understand what’s going on in your world. When you put on your reality glasses, you stop, step back, and ask yourself: “Am I seeing this as it really is?” “How big is this problem?” Or, “Have I got this out of proportion?”

When you assess the situation, you may discover that the situation you are facing isn’t as serious as you had thought. Facing your problems with your reality glasses on helps you gain a sense of control. “You’ve moved into the driving seat,” says Dr. Williams. That’s the first step in growing stronger through change. Remember, responding positively to life’s situations and recognizing that we have a choice in how we handle challenges and change, helps us to grow stronger. Resiliency starts with each of us, we need to take an active role. The following seven things can be considered as ways to be more resilient in life. Incorporating any or all will help us to thrive and respond better to change and stress in our lives.

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